Wash & Dry

Car Wash Products designed and manufactured by professionals for professionals. Executive Paint Protection offers the widest assortments of auto wash, car wash, self serve and full serve products, from car wash shampoos and presoaks to degreasers and accessories. We like to give our customers more than just the right chemicals for the job! Executive Paint Protection offers the right tools and knowledge to help you cut your work time and get the job done as easy as possible.

As a rule, always start by washing your vehicle from the top down. Get yourself a nice foam gun or pressure washer foam cannon and remember to rinse often. This is greatly reducing the chances of contaminating your wash mitt or sponge and scratching your point. I don't know about you, but the dirtiest part of my car is the bottom, I save that for last. Once the wash is done, dry your auto with a nice microfiber towel or absorber, remember getting water out of tight areas is made easy with our speed dryers so be sure to check those out too.